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Our Positive Puppy Academy Course is a hybrid course.
In this unique, fun-filled and science-based puppy course, we will focus on the welfare and happiness of you and your dog.
We are using the most recent scientific knowledge about dogs and positive training in a secure and comfortable environment. This course won’t only make your puppies love their training sessions, but will also enable them to create a strong bond with you based on trust, connection and empathy.

Made by experts in animal behaviour with love

Based upon the most recent scientific knowledge around animal behaviour and positive training,
we are committed to put the welfare of animals and the human-animal relationship
back in the centre of attention and give it the place it deserves.
Happiness, respect and harmony are essential to us.

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#1. Our Positive Puppy Academy welcomes all puppies from the age of 8 weeks old

Our Positive Puppy Academy Course will guide you and your puppy through each of the milestones of your puppy’s education and training.

#2. Get The Right Information From The Best Learning Platform

We offer a unique and global learning experience, by combining “real-life training” with an “online” learning platform through videos and self-assessments.

#3. Learn From The Professionals

All our trainers have been trained through recognized universities or colleges in animal behaviour and are committed to continuing education in order to keep updated with the latest scientific knowledge.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Having never had a dog of my own, it was important for me to learn how to train my dog well, especially since I would like to take her to work with me one day as Assistance Dog. I am a special education teacher with children who have mental retardation and psychomotor problems. This project is close to my heart and I am convinced of the therapeutic benefits that a dog can bring to children.
I was surprised and happy that it was possible to start training so young.
It allowed me to give U2 a good foundation, to adopt the right behaviours with her so that she remains a stable dog and also to put into perspective her “rebellious teenage” period. Thank you for all your advice and the moments you listened to us.

U2 and Sandrine

The 7 sessions we had with Anouck reassured us and were very beneficial for our puppy. Upsie has a strong character, but with Anouck’s gentleness and kindness, we were able to understand her better and allow her to calm down. The possibility for our puppy to learn from and with other companions of the same age was also very beneficial. From simple commands, such as sit, down, etc. to agility training and recall, we received all the basics to start our life with our dog. Thanks again to Anouck for her time and patience.

Upsie and Sabine

The course was very professional and adjusted to the needs and personality of each puppy. Anouck really helped us to harness our puppy’s natural confidence in a gentle and positive manner as well as getting practical tips on basic obedience. There was an emphasis on getting the basics right but most importantly to learn to read your dog and understand what your dog is trying to tell you and to appreciate and work with the personality of the dog and not just learn commands. Our puppy left each session happy, more confident and enthusiastic about learning more.

Evra and Florian & Hildur

Going to the puppy training group at Anouck’s is meeting two or three puppies and their owners, to share our questions and sometimes our worries, to be heard, advised and even to feel a solidarity that is created between the owners who from now on all collaborate towards a common goal: healthy puppies in their head and in their body accompanied by serene and happy humans. Thank you, Anouck!

Umaa and Joëlle

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