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Animal Behaviour and Training Academy for veterinarians and private pet owners


Vet Ethology Learning Academy answers to a growing demand from the field and will offer hybrid courses in animal behaviour, training and natural integrative veterinary medicine.

With our Positive Puppy Academy Course, we are launching our first hybrid course. Once this course will have been validated, other courses will follow.

Vet Ethology has been created in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Anouck Haverbeke and offers already consultations in veterinary behavioural medicine and in natural integrative veterinary medicine, as well as individual and collective training classes for puppies, dogs, horses and other vertebrates.

Vet Ethology has been created out of passion for humans and animals. Our goal is to put the human-animal relationship back in the centre of attention and to give it the place it deserves.

Meet Our Trainers

As members of the following organizations of professional trainers and behaviour consultants,
we follow their recommendations, standards of practice and codes of ethic:

Dr. Anouck Haverbeke

I am Anouck. I graduated as veterinarian in 2001 (Ghent University, Belgium) and finished my PhD at the University of Namur (Belgium) in 2009. We demonstrated the importance of positive training methods on animal and human welfare.
In 2013, I obtained my diploma as EBVS© European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine and I am currently Vice-President of the European College in Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine. I have recently been appointed professor in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at Ghent University.
Besides my practice Vet Ethology in Overijse, I am married and mother of 3 fantastic girls. At home we have 3 horses, 2 cats and 1 dog. We are actually working, with the support of the government, on a biodiversity project where we want to demonstrate that it is possible to bring improved biodiversity and equine welfare together.

Fallon De Silva

My name is Fallon de Silva and I am here to help you live a happy and full life with your pet. My training philosophy focuses on the welfare of both your companion and you as pet owner.
After studying (human) pyschology for four years at Leiden University, I moved to Thailand for a year to teach and travel. But I ended up spending most of my time volunteering at a dog shelter, animal clinic, and elephant sanctuary. This, and the adoption of my Thai dog Riley, triggered the change in career path and lead to me to a two-year Postgraduate in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Odisee University (accredited by the SPPD).

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Positive Puppy Academy: A short introduction

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