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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is the course open for everybody?

No, the course is only open for motivated persons ready to be fully committed in time during the entire course . Owners will be asked to spend on average 20 minutes per day during this 60 days course.

#2. Is the course open for every dog?

Yes, we are very happy to accept all dogs from all breeds.

#3. How much does the Positive Puppy Academy Course cost?

The price of our Positive Puppy Academy Course is 475€. This includes access to a 60 days online platform with 9 videos and self-assessments on dog behaviour and training, as well as 7 life or virtual training classes. 

#4. Do you need to have past experience in dog training to register to this course?

No, we are taking you from the basic scientific knowledge on dog behaviour towards more advanced training skills.

#5. What will the Positive Puppy Academy Course look like?

The Positive Puppy Academy Course is a combination of virtual classes (with videos and self-assessments) and life or virtual training classes. During 60 days, you will receive a solid basis in dog behaviour and training your puppy in order to create a strong bond with him based on scientific knowledge, trust, connection and empathy.

#6. Will all the Positive Puppy Academy Courses look the same?

No, our Positive Puppy Academy Course is set apart from other courses as our classes are tailor-made, adapted to the individual needs of every puppy and owner. We adapt ourselves to you and your puppy, making every training session unique. If this is the approach you are looking for, then we cannot wait to welcome you!

#7. What are the skills of the trainers?

All the trainers have been trained through recognized universities or colleges in animal behaviour and are committed to continuing education in order to keep updated with the latest scientific knowledge.

#8. Do I have to physically come to the Positive Puppy Academy course, or can I follow the whole course online?

As we want to invite as many puppies and owners into our network of harmonious living, we also offer a fully online version. If it is inconvenient for you to physically come to classes, we also have a fully online option where classes will be held in small groups through video conferences!

#9. So, what will my pup and I learn during this Positive Puppy Academy Course?

Your pup will learn all the basics to grow into a happy, obedient and curious adult dog. And you will learn how to understand and read your dog’s communication signs and behavioural needs, so that you can support him through his learning process.

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